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One 4oz. bottle of Chlorine Dioxide Solution and 1 5ml Syringe for measuring.


Included is One 4oz. bottle of our potent Chlorine Dioxide Solution alongside a precise 5ml syringe for easy measuring.

  • Effortless Purification: No mixing or further activation required. Simply add the desired amount of CDS to water.
  • Accurate Measurement: The provided 5ml syringe allows for precise dosing, ensuring effective water purification every time.
  • High Potency: Our CDS is formulated at 3000ppm, as recommended, for optimum effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms.
  • Safe Storage: To retain its efficacy, it's advisable to store the CDS in a cool place, away from direct sunlight when not in use, as the active chlorine dioxide molecules are light-sensitive..

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your water is clean and safe with Chlorine Dioxide Solution.

CDS Solution

SKU: CDS41224
  • All sales are final on perishable or handmade products. Due to these items being hygienically compromised. 

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