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Degenerative disease conditions, accelerated aging and all diminished capacities ultimatley can be attributed to insufficient cellular stimulation. As the living cell struggles with poor nutrition, low oxygen levels, environmental toxins and stagnatin of lymphatic fluid, disease conditions develop which accelerate aging and shorten life span. Good health is actually the natural state of the body. Energy starts with our cells. What goes on at the cellular level inside the body is the key to how we feel and approach life every day. 

Bjutiful Soul Health  have found that repeated treatments has proven to

  • Reduce chronic pain and inflammation

  • Prevented chronic disease

  • weight loss

  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage

  • Better skin health

  • Increased energy and focus

  • Fewer headaches

  • Helped migraines

  • Relieved you from unnecessary stress

  • Improved circulation and heart health

  • Provided an overall feeling of relaxation

  • Improves the mood

  • Reduced swelling in the feet and ankles

  • Improveg digestion and nutrient absorption.



New Client                                $130 Initial Session    45 min

Established Client                       $85 Per Session        45 min

Hydrogen Cell Therapy                $95 Per Session        45 min


Children( 5-16 yrs)                      $60  per session       20 min 



  6 Sessions    $720

10 Sessions  $1100

21 Session (Deep Cleanse)   Ask

We offer financing, ask!

Packages are paid in full in order to received the discount and can only be used on cellular foot cleanse and can not be shared, or redeemed for another service* 


Any questions pertaining to your health, supplements, etc. during your session, will be considered a consult. There will be a consult fee added.

If you have not received services in the last 2 years, you are considered a new client!

If you are pregnant, breast feeding, have had organ transplant, on dialysis, have a shunt, have a pacemaker, metal plate in your head, have had any medical injections C19 inoculation or implants in last 3 years, you are unable to receive intracellular cleanse.


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Micro-Hydrogen Therapy 

We also offer Hydrogen Therapy, which is Hydrogen and negative ions enter the human body through the skin epidermal cells, neutralize acidic substance in the body.  This therapy stimulates the synthesis of energy (ATP) inside the cell, allowingthe cells to return to normal operation and function, accelerate blood circulation, enhance collagen synthesis and enhance skin elasiticiy .  Helps with endocrine regulation, regulate blood fat, blood pressure , lowering cholesterol.

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