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Founder & CEO 
Kj Diggs
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Health & Hair Growth Clinic

10931 E. Independence Blvd Ste T| Matthews NC 28105


Meet Doctah K.J. Diggs, Licensed & Cerdentialed as a Doctor of Divinity, Ordainted Minster as well as in Metaphysics, Certified Hair Loss Practitioner-University of Trichology, Certified in Dermotricology,  Certified ES Practitioner,Certified in Holistic Wellness Coach, Diploma as Doctor of Naturopathic Advance Medicine. She worked over 22 years in the medical field, as CNA II, phelobotist and Medical Assistant, and holds an Associate in Business Arts and Purdue Global University Ungrad in Alternative Medicine. She has worked in many different fields, in western medicine, such as; Weight Loss & Wellness, Emergency Room, Operating Room, Cardiology,  Primary Care, Dermatology, Vascular, and OBGYN, as a Medical Assistant. While attending nursing school, she also completed course study in Anatomy & Physiology, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, and Biology. Added to her expertise, Reiki, Botanical Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Energy Medicine, and herbal Supplements.   She changed her focus from Traditional Allopathic Western Medicine, to a Holistic approach about 10 years ago, she started Bjutiful Soul, LLC, because she feels,  Western medicine, usually suppress, instead of investigating the root cause. She feels that educating the clients is key, and allowing them to take an active role in their healing process, can bring about change. KJ believes "Every day, you should allow your soul to exhale, and breathe." Kj Diggs. She has now teamed up with Advance Hair Growth Clinic Founder and  Owner Temima ‘Kimra’ Ali

Temima 'Kimra' Ali

10931 E. Independence Blvd Suite T | Matthews, NC 


In an industry that is in constant change and growth it's hard to stay current. Unless you are Temima who has managed to consistently deliver stunning results and impeccable service.  Over the course of her 16 year career Temima, has her Masters in Dermo-Trichology, Certified Research Assistant through Chicago State University, Licensed Natural Hair Specialist, and Licensed Natural Hair Educator.  This St. Thomas native has always appreciated nature, from early childhood she learned to seek out the goodness of this earth to enhance the goodness of natural healing and beauty. As a graduate from the United States Trichology Institute and National Trichology Training Institutem Temima's goal is to help as many people as possible who suffer from scalp disorders that cause hair loss. The Advanced Hair Growth Clinic is committed to solving this problem for it's clients. She host events to educate colleagues on identifying hair loss before it is no longer treatable. The Clinic offers products and services that promote healthy scalp and hair.  Consultations are conducted in a private setting to ensure client comfort and confidentiality.  Treatments are based on customized recommendations and are available for immediate use. Temima is an educator who not only treats hair loss but, prevention as well.  We look forward to your visit. "More Hair!"

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