Bjutiful Soul

Many people search, trying to find Alternative Therapies and Remedies, that focus on their whole being. At Bjutiful Soul that is what you will find. Here, I offer more comprehensive, personalized approach to uncover the root of illness. I am Licenesed Practitioner of Pastoral Science and Medicine, offering an alternative solutions and coaching, to help you restore balance, that produces true health and preservation, using holistic method, natural remedies, and practical tactics. Here at Bjutiful Soul, it's all about the client. This is a one-on-one, therapeutic relationship, we (client and I) work together and uncover the cause of the symptom. I start with examining your history,offering new  a new non-invasive scan. If you do not prefer consulting, then try some of the Alternative therapies treatment, such as , ES Detox Foot-bath., , Yoni Herbal Steams, Therapeutic Touch, Hair Loss, and  Biofeedback Scan.

Kj Diggs Bjutiful Soul
Kj Diggs Bjutiful Soul
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Kj Diggs, CNHC, CESP
Owner & Operator

Meet K.J. Diggs, Licensed Practitioner Pastoral Science & Medicine, Certified Hair Loss Practitioner-University of Trichology, Certified ES Practitioner.  She worked over 15 years in the medical field, as CNA II, and Medical Assistant, and holds an Associate in Business Arts and she attended Purdue Global University for  Bachelor of Science in Alternative Health and Wellness. She has worked in many different fields, in western medicine, such as; Weight Loss & Wellness, Emergency Room, Operating Room, Cardiology,  Primary Care, Dermatology, Vascular, and OBGYN, as a Medical Assistant. While attending nursing school, she also completed course study in Anatomy & Physiology, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, and Biology. Added to her expertise, Reiki, Botanical Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Energy Medicine, and herbal Supplements.   She changed her focus from Traditional Western Medicine, to a Holistic approach about 7 years ago, she started Bjutiful Soul, LLC, because she feels,  Western medicine, usually suppress illnesses, instead of investigating the root cause. Some of her clients, in the beginning, that she has engaged with, did not understand many of the food and beverages, they consume, products applied to the skin, mindset, and suppressed anger, can cause many of the issues. She feels that educating the clients is key, and allowing them to take an active role in their healing process, can bring about change. KJ believes "Every day, you should allow your soul to exhale, and breathe." Kj Diggs