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“Health is more than the absence of symptoms and disease.  It is being well in all areas of health… and life!”

Preparation for your appointment
Consultation for Traditional Naturopath of Holistic Medicine

At your initial Health Consult session, you will sit down for a real, one-on-one conversation with Naturopath KJ Diggs, and a non-invasive Highly Advanced BioScan will be preformed, the consult and scan will take (1 hour session)

During your 1st conversation with KJ,

  1. We will get to know you and your current health concerns.
    So, bring your concerns about your current health condition, and/or medical treatments – and your questions about natural remedies, natural medicine, so we can have a friendly conversation about protecting or improving your health, naturally.

  2.  Afterwards, she will provide you with an overview of the services and explain how our focused, holistic, natural health care and holistic methods are different from most traditional health care providers. In addition, we will explain our entire evaluation process, your options and the additional associated fees upfront.

This way you will know exactly what services we provide and if Bjutiful Soul is the right fit for you – before you invest time, effort, and money.

We understand our Natural Medicine remedies, frequencies, and practical lifestyle strategies – are not for everyone. If, during our 1st visit, you or Doctah, KJ determines our Natural Health services are not the right fit for you after reviewing all your information that was provided, she will inform you.

Once you and KJ determine that you are a candidate for our unique and focused natural health care and if you are comfortable with our holistic methods and possible natural remedies, you will have the opportunity to proceed with an individualized plan with progress note, supplement recommendation, and other methods.


Remember, the 1st BioScan Naturopathic Health Consultant session starts at $379 depending on complexity. . . .

Please keep in mind once you schedule your appointment, you will receive consent forms, as will as an assessment form, please complete within 48 hours of your appointment, you will need to reschedule, if not received, 48 hours prior to your appointment. 

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