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The combination of the latest generation of bioactive and constant innovation have led to the creation of Innova Plus Gold. Its properties provide the skin with great hydration, luminosity and elimination of water.

Unique and innovative, its active ingredientes produce and anti-pollution effect on the skin, reinforcing the epidermal barrier rand thus avoiding its intoxication, leaving it smooth, nourished, hydrated and without wrinkles.

Environmental pollution is a major problem in many cities around the world and therefore anti-pollution skincare is a new trend that is here to stay. Due to pollution, the air is filled with small solid particles or liquid droplets with a molecular size than 10um composed of acids, organic chemicals, heavy metal and dust.

These particles can trigger a series of reactions on the skin such as oxidative stress, a higher rate of sebum secretion, a loss of skins barrier functions and a decrease skin PH. We can say that pollution on the skin causes a loss of tone and elasticity on the skin, an increase of wrinkles, loss of luminosity, aged and dehydrated skin

Innova Gold Plus

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