Pesky Boils

Impure blood results in boils, cysts, and other skin problems, as well as tumors and cancer. The blood performs the extremely important task of supplying oxygen to all cells and communicating with body via the hormones it carries. It is very important to detox, be aware of what you are ingesting, and you must drink the correct water (pure distilled). Staph can cause boils, which is true (this is what Western medicine tell you) but staph will not cause an issue if, the your blood is oxygenated. If your oxygen supply is below 6.5 and lower(acidic), blood infections, disease, parasites can live. Once way to to help oxygenate the blood and clean of many of the toxins on your cell membrane is ES Detox Footbath. This system cleans from a cellular level and it is the most power detox machine, globally.

For a more topical solution, Try my Drawing Salve, good for Boils and Insect Bites, Turmeric Plant Milk, Turmeric Boil Salve which will be used 2 times a day, please remember this will take care of the issue, but until you change your eating habits, detox, this issue may continue. Feel free to leave comment blow, if you have a topic you would like to see posted, please feel free to contact me or leave your comment blow.

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