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Beauty Spa

 Kj offers a holistic natural health consultation and coaching, which includes, consult in whole body, emotional support, spiritual support, & dietary wellness, that can cause great anxiety, to some clients.

Natural Health Consultant


As a natural health consultant and coach, I will work with you to address the root cause of your symptoms and bring you back to health, using natural sources.  Natural health consulting is a client-centered process designed to uncover the cause rather than covering up symptoms.  I treat each person as an individual.  I take the time to understand the dynamics of their situation and root out the causes. Dis-ease is caused two things. The body is missing something it needs, or is exposed to something this is toxic and it does not need. If the body is given what it is needs and remove that which is interfering, then the body heals itself.  

The intention is for each client to understand that healing starts with Soul-Mind-Body.
" Soul- is responsible for giving the body life, it guides and directs our behavior and actions in the physical form. "Mind" registers and filters emotion (the language of the soul) and registers nerve impulses generated by the body. The degree of communication between the body and mind, and soul and mind depends on your ability to manipulate your mind to work for you. When the mind is functioning as intended, it is self-aware, focused and quiet as required. So the mind has two choices: to block out sensation or to listen to it. If the mind is smart, it listens. "Body"…
And finally, the Body, our outer shell, is a product of both the mind and soul and how it is cared for on a daily basis. The body’s magic formula for survival – sleep, diet, environment and exercise – can be used to prolong life or shorten it. You can learn and apply ways to sustain and energies your body – it’s your choice.
Hair Growth  


Emotional Support

Skin Abnormalities 

Scalp Issues

Women's Health

Men's Health

Weight Loss

Preventive Health Practices

Stress Management


Emotional Wellness

Whole Body Wellness

*Disclaimer*to receive ES Detox, no previous history of seizures, blood thinners, or pacemaker.

*You may schedule an appointment for just the, Ionic Foot Detox, Yoni Herbal Steam, and Aromatherapy, without a consultation for Holistic Health Counseling and Coaching. There will be a questionnaire and consent to fill out to make sure you are receiving correct treatment.

Yoni Herbal Steam, if you are pregnant, nursing, or think you are pregnant, We do not recommend the steam.  If you have an IUD, we only recommend a certain steam (please contact for information)*

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