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Breath In...Exhale.....You Got This...

I am proud to offer a unique blend of expertise in holistic health & services. My focus is detoxing and hydrating the Soul, Mind, and Body.


Most people do not have enough physical energy to carry them through an entire day without having to resort to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, processed fast foods, or drugs in order to stimulate, tease, or threaten the cells of the body into assisting them: setting up energetic chaos within the body. Emotional stresses also weaken the body. Perpetuating the physical imbalance weakens the immune system, continuing and contributing to lack of sufficient daily energy. Lack of sufficient energy, aches and pains, and physical disease are all signs of imbalance occurring at the cellular level. When ignored, or masked over by stimulates, this condition only continues, and it can get worse. 

                                               boosted IMMUNE SYSTEM                                                             HAIR GROWTH
                                                                                                          REDUCED STRESS & FATIGUE                               

Treating the Whole Person........






Health & Hair Growth Clinic

Meet Kj, Doctor of Traditional Naturopathic Medicine & Dermotricology Practitioner, she can help you with Internal, Emotional, and Spiritual Health, as well as help with Skin  & Hair Growth.



This was my first time getting a detox foot bath and I can't lie - I was very skeptical at first. Within seconds of meeting KJ, I did a complete 180. She was professional, friendly and super knowledgeable about herbs and different detoxes. KJ really knows her stuff! After my first session I felt clear headed, energized, and I signed up for a package of 6. KJ has a warm spirit and gave me alot of great advice for detoxing and leading a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I am definitely recommending KJ to all my friends and loved ones!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Donna, Charlotte, NC


LOVE LOVE LOVE KJ!!! Her work is amazing. We went as a family and she tailored to each of our interests and needs while still making us feel so comfortable and personal. We were instantly welcomed and informed with her immense knowledge of products and services. She gives wonderful feedback and suggestions, and really takes into mind your concerns. She is so kind, generous, and has a true heart of gold while being so passionate in what she does. Her information about the results of services is very intricate and so on point of what is truly in your body- so fascinating!:) please go see her! You will be beyond satisfied and want to stay all day!                                                                                                                                                                    Chelsea, Charlotte, NC


I met KJ several weeks ago and she comes to my home for the cellular cleanse foot-bath and the Yoni Steam. She is very knowledgeable about both what she does. Also, her chemical free tightening cream has made a tremendous difference on my upper legs. I love that she offers all pure and natural products because I have super sensitive skin. Kj is the loveliest person and is on top of the must holistic things our bodies need. I've learned a lot from her and look forward to many more  sessions as my body is healing. I had some health issues prior to meeting her and they are starting to clear up which is the best part. 

                                                                                 C. Chandler, Charlotte NC

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